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 MSRP: $37,950
Range: 123 miles
Motor: 118hp 88kwh
Battery Capacity: 42kwh LithiumIon Curb Weight: 2,980
upholstery, automatic climate control, cruise control, Bluetooth phone and audio connectivity, a 6-speaker Alpine stereo, steering-wheel audio controls and rear parking sensors. The only options are a sunroof and an eSport appearance package, which gives the 500e a sporty look.
The 500e boasts several standard safety features, including 4-wheel ABS, rear parking sensors, stability control, front side airbags, side-curtain airbags.
Gas-powered 500 models, which should perform largely the same, received four stars overall, a figure that breaks down to four stars in front and rollover tests and five stars in the side-impact assessment.
In crash testing carried out by the nonprofit Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the gas-powered 500 earned generally Good ratings.
The 500e seems to make no major compromises for its All-Electric capabilities. In fact, it’s the rare
car that’s actually been improved
by its conversion to electricity. It’s surprisingly quick off the line and very quiet, the regular 500 is neither of those things. The 500e is also surprisingly composed
in turns, offering a tight, sporty feel, especially for an electric.
In terms of appearance, the 500e
is also highly similar to a typical Fiat 500. There are only a few distinctive upgrades on the outside, while interior revisions primarily revolve around added standard equipment and
the addition of four center-mounted buttons in place of the gear lever. There’s also an instrument-panel readout for battery level, power flow and other important EV items.
In terms of space, the 500e is much smaller than other EVs. However, compared to the regular 500, it doesn’t suffer too badly for carrying around a bunch of batteries. The battery pack does chew into rear seat legroom, but as there wasn’t much to begin with,
we doubt that’ll be an issue. More importantly, unlike other EVs based on gasoline cars, the cargo capacity is diminished only slightly. True, there’s
still not a lot relative most cars on the road, but as this is a hatchback, you still get a reasonably versatile space when the rear seats are folded.
The Fiat 500e is an electric-powered version of the Fiat 500 hatchback
and represents a stylish entry in the growing electric-car field. While the price is considerably higher than that of the standard 500, Fiat has tried
to build value into it, making most of the regular-grade 500’s optional features standard and dressing
up the body with aerodynamic enhancements. Plus, when you add up all the possible federal, state and local tax incentives, the actual purchase price of a new Fiat 500e gets closer to that of a comparably equipped gasoline Fiat 500.
One other major drawback involves the packaging of the battery and electrical systems, which gobbles
up rear seat and cargo space and leaves the 500e with one of the smallest rear seats in existence.
Even so, the 500e is an appealing choice for an electric car. For the moment, you’ll need to dwell in California if you want to buy one, as Fiat has not announced plans to sell the 500e outside the Golden State.
The Fiat 500e is a subcompact two-door hatchback with front wheels powered by an 88-kilowatt electric motor generating 118 horsepower and 147 pound-feet of torque. Electricity is provided by a 24kWh LithiumIon battery. The EPA gives the 500e
an energy consumption estimate of 29kWh per 100 miles, which translates to MPGe figures of 116 MPGe combined (122 city/108 highway). Estimated range is a acceptable 87 miles, according to the EPA. The 500e can fully recharge in less than 4 hours on a 240volt outlet. However,
if you have to plug into a 120volt circuit (like a regular household
plug) estimated charging time shoots up to “less than 24 hours.”
like the Chevrolet Bolt, Kia Soul EV and Hyundai Ioniq Electric are a bit superior vehicles. There’s also the price. The 500e comes in around $33,000 with shipping, which makes
it twice as expensive as a standard 500. Of course, it’s eligible for up to $14,000 in incentives and lease rates can be laughably low, so price is actually more likely to be a good thing.
The Fiat 500e offers one engine:
An 88kW electric motor with a single- speed transmission. Power is rated at 118 horsepower. The Environmental Protection Agency rates the 500e’s fuel economy at 112 MPGe in combined driving. Importantly, the 500e boasts a 112 mile range and a 4-hour recharge time when using a 240volt power supply. While good in the past, that range is now average.
Features And Options: The 500e is offered in just one trim level,
which starts around $33,000 before sizeable federal and state incentives. Standard features are generous for
a subcompact car, including keyless entry, a navigation system with a new five-inch touchscreen, leatherette
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