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              KThe modernized appearance is underscored by the thin, futuristic headlights and a C-pillar featuring a shark-fin motif
ia Soul Electric Vehicle, the market at an exciting time in the with 6,770 units sold. Germany was also known as the Kia modern electric car era. No longer the leading European market with eSoul, is an All-Electric rarities, new electric models can 3,853 units sold through 2015. subcompact. The travel further on a single charge than Kia started testing prototype American Environmental Electric Vehicle, and their prices are versions of a Soul electric vehicle in Protection Agency getting closer to cars with traditional 2013. Kia announced they would
official range for the 2020 Kia Soul internal combustion engines. be producing the Soul Electric
 Electric Vehicle is 243 miles. Kia announced a serious battery upgrade to a 64 kWh battery pack which doubeled its capacity and range.
There is a redesign for the Soul
in 2020, creating a family of trim Electric Vehicles ranging from sporty to adventurous. In the shadow of
the third-generation Kia Soul is a redesigned Electric Vehicle with greatly enhanced range, more power, and a host of new connectivity and safety.
The new Soul has a larger standard touch screen and more standard features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. There are Electric Vehicle new available features, including wireless Electric Vehicle charging, a 10.25-inch touch screen, a heads-up display, lane keep assist, and driver drowsiness monitoring.
The new Soul Electric Vehicle enters
European and American sales
There is a redesigne
for the Soul in 2020, creating a family of trim levels, also making it
an electric vehicle with greatly enhanced range and more power
started in 2014; initially it was sold only in California, Oregon, and Eastern states, with the largest Electric Vehicle markets and infrastructure including New York, New Jersey and Maryland. Global sales exceeded
the 10,000 unit milestone in 2016, with Europe as the leading market
Vehicle and it would go on sale in 2014. The vehicle was unveiled at the Electric Vehicle Auto Show.
The US Environmental Protection Agency official range for the 2015 model year Soul Electric Vehicle was 93 miles and the EPA rated
its combined fuel economy at 105 MPG. As of late 2014, the Soul Electric Vehicle had the largest EPA-rated All-Electric range in city driving of its class, with 104 miles. The motor was rated at 81.4kW.
For model year 2018, Kia announced a small battery upgrade by eleven percent by adding 8
cells to the pack and improving the usable window of cell capacity.
Production of the Soul Electric Vehicle began in South Korea in 2014. Pricing in the South Korean market starts at US $39,400 before
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