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                 into upper and lower areas.
speed, power usage, charge level, estimated range and active gear, as well as navigation directions
        as the Tesla Factory.
Tesla said that after three years, Model S cars traveled over
1 billion miles, the first Plug-In Electric car to reach that total and the 200,000 milestone was achieved early in the fourth quarter of 2017.
In 2016, the “Electric GT World Series” was promoted in preparation for a 2017 racing season using the P85+ as a race car on certain traditional tracks. The first season was planned to have 20 cars in 10 teams.
JUNE 2020
In April 2016, Tesla made minor changes in the Model S. The front fascia has a similar design as the Model X, adding adaptive LED headlights. A HEPA cabin air filtration system was added. The standard charger increased from 40 to 48 amps, speeding charging at higher-amperage outlets. Two ash wood interior options were added.
In 2018 Tesla released source code for the Model S on a dot com repository as part of software license compliance process in collaboration with Software Freedom Conservancy.

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