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             The Toyota Camry was reborn a few years ago, packing serious style,
Toyota Camry remains one
of the most popular, most recommendable sedans you can buy. Long the default choice for those looking for a reliable, comfortable and inoffensive midsize car, the Camry was reborn two years ago packing serious style, more features and better handling than ever, all while losing none of its trademark outstanding qualities.
A hybrid model that’s rated up to 53 mpg is also available. For 2020, the Camry continues to improve,
with Android Auto finally joining its Apple CarPlay compatibility, and the debut of the track-tuned Camry TRD performance edition. There are now more Camry variants than ever, and it’s hard to go wrong with any of them.
For as long as we can remember, the Toyota Camry has been comfortable and compliant, but not all that invigorating to drive. It was essentially the vanilla ice cream of family sedans. That all changed with its revamp a couple of years ago that marked this Toyota sedan’s eighth generation. A double-wishbone rear
suspension, lower center of gravity and stiffer body structure all translated to a more dynamic and fun-to-drive experience. The Camry feels taut, but doesn’t compromise the comfortable manners for which it’s known.
Compared to the Honda Accord, the
For as long as we can remember, the Camry has been comfortable and compliant with a double-wishbone rear suspension and lower center of Gravity
Camry still isn’t quite as nimble, but it’s close. And as it’s long been, we think the Camry is slightly more comfortable and compliant than its Honda archrival. We are also fans of the Camry’s precise steering feel and smooth 8-speed automatic transmission, which can also be shifted via paddles in some models.
The standard 4-cylinder engine
that powers the majority of Camrys will suffice for most buyers and has a satisfying blend of performance and efficiency. The optional V6 making over 300 horsepower can easily chirp the front tires. Our surprise favorite is the Camry Hybrid.
New this year is the 2020 Camry TRD, developed in conjunction with Toyota Racing Development. This limited-edition Camry comes with
the powerful V6 engine, a lower ride height and a host of suspension upgrades. The tweaks are noticeable, and the ride is stiff to the point that it can be jarring on rougher roads. We recommend giving it a good test drive first to see if it’s your cup of tea. If it is, you’ll be rewarded with the sharpest handling yet for a Toyota Camry.
The Camry’s interior is an excellent blend of technology, style, comfort and practicality. As a whole, it functions amazingly well, with no unnecessary fluff. The Camry has a boldly designed dash composed of asymmetrical swoops and curves, a set of nicely bolstered front bucket seats and
a spacious rear seat. Controls are
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