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               RThe Zoe became the top selling All-Electric vehicle in the country, representing sixty-three percent of electric car sales
enault Zoe is a five- broader Plug-In Electric car segment. the seats. It was estimated it would door supermini electric The Renault Zoe City Car Concept have a range of 100 miles and a
car produced by the was shown at the Geneva Motor Show top speed of 90mph and could French manufacturer featuring 3 seats. The 11.5 foot long be charged at a conventional 220 Renault. Early Zoes had open top vehicle was proposed as an volt socket, or fast-charged from a a 22 kWh LithiumIon urban focused car. This Zoe had no high-voltage supply to 80 percent in
battery pack that delived a range connection with the later electric Zoe only 20 minutes. A third innovative
 between 130 and 150 miles. Renault concept to follow four years later. announced the introduction of an
option was to swap the batteries for a new pack at a Quickdrop center.
The design was tear-drop shaped featuring a see-through roof featuring solar panels which run the air- conditioning system and gull-wing doors. A new climate control system was also shown, which could spray essential oils into the interior to cut out harmful exterior smells, or rehydrate the interior to prevent skin drying out.
The Zoe Preview was a substantially revised version of the Zoe concept, was shown to the public at the Paris Motor Show, and was claimed to
be a near-definitive representation of the final version of the car. Many of the existing design features of the concept model were discarded such as the gull-wing doors.
The technical specifications had changed from the version with the
optional 41 kWh LithiumIon battery, increasing the range to 250 miles.
They had previously unveiled the Zoe name under a number of different concept cars. Initially as the Zoe City Car and later as the Zoe Z.E. electric concept was shown in two different versions under the Renault Z.E. name. A production ready version of the Zoe was shown at the Geneva Motor Show.
Retail customer deliveries began in France, followed by several European countries. The Zoe is the all-time top selling All-Electric car in the French market, with 27,155 units registered while Zoe sales achieved the 50,000 unit milestone. The Zoe has been the top selling All-Electric car in Europe for two years and also topped European sales in the
The Zoe ranked again as the world’s 8th best- selling electric car, powered by a 22kWh LithiumIon battery pack, weighing 606lb with
a 65kW synchronous electric motor
The Renault Zoe Concept was shown to the public at the Frankfurt Motor Show to show the company’s vision for a Clio sized electric car. It was powered by a 71 kW electric motor, mounted at the front and LithiumIon batteries mounted under
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