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 MSRP: $30,980
Motor: 108 hp
Battery Capacity: 52kwh LithiumIon Curb Weight: 3,446
French Minister of Industrial Recovery. The Zoe is produced at Flins on the same assembly line as the Renault Clio and Nissan Micra. About 170 Zoes are made per day.
The Zoes were powered by a 22kWh LithiumIon battery pack weighing 606lb, driving a 65kW synchronous electric Q210 motor supplied by Continental has a top speed of 84mph. Renault estimates that in suburban use, the Zoe can achieve around 62 miles in cold weather and 93 miles
in temperate conditions. The car features a charging system called “Chameleon”, that allows the Zoe to be charged at any level of power, taking between 30 minutes and nine hours. The particular type of grid system
in parts of Norway with a different potential for the protective ground requires a special charger, which is included with all Zoes in Norway.
At the Paris Motor Show, Renault unveiled a 41 kWh LithiumIon battery called the ZE40, weighing 661
lbs. The battery was developed by Renault and its partner LG Chem and is assembled at the Renault’s Flins plant. It is mounted on Zoes using the R75/90 motor, the name now doing reference to the motor power output range between 55-66 kilowatts and increases the car range to 250 miles and allows quick charging. According to Renault, the battery delivers about 190 miles on real driving conditions. Older Zoes using the battery would get a less significant range increase because of various design upgrades. Options to buy the battery would be available, and also revised lease plans.
Sales And Marketing of the
Retail customer deliveries began
in limited numbers in France and availability was increased during the first quarter of 2013. A total of 48 units were registered in France during 2012, and cumulative sales reached 5,559 units through 2013. The Zoe became the top selling All-Electric vehicle in the country and kept the monthly lead, representing sixty-three percent of electric car sales in the country. In addition, the Zoe became the best selling electric car in France
accounting for registrations in the electric passenger car segment.
Zero Emissions Badge: Deliveries in the UK began in 2013 with Germany, Italy and Spain later in
the year. Cumulative global sales totaled 8,874 units through December 2013. Out of 8,792 cars sold in Europe through 2013, 5,511 were sold in France. Germany was the second top selling market, with 1,019 units delivered through December 2013, followed by the Netherlands with 547 units registered.
The Zoe was officially launched in the Norwegian market. Unlike other European countries, the Zoe is sold in Norway with the battery pack included and there are no battery leasing options available. A total
of 11,323 Zoes were sold globally. France continued as the top selling market with cumulative sales of 11,529 units, and the Zoe continued as the all-time best selling electric car in
the country, with 5,970 units sold. Global sales reached the 10,000 unit milestone, and the 25,000 mark. The milestone of 50,000 units produced had been reached and Zoe sales achieved their 50,000 unit milestone.
With a record 10,406 units sold, the Zoe was again the top selling All- Electric car in France and continued as the best-selling electric car ever
in the country. The Zoe was the top selling pure electric car in Europe.
The Zoe ranked as the best-selling All-Electric car in Europe for the second year in a row with 21,735 units delivered, representing twenty-one percent of the segment sales. Also, the Zoe topped European sales in the broader Plug-In Electric car segment, ahead of the Mitsubishi Outlander P-HEV, the top selling Plug-In in the previous two years. The Zoe ranked again as the world’s 8th best-selling electric car. Cumulative global sales totaled 61,205 units including both the passenger and cargo variants, making the Zoe the world’s all-time eighth best selling Plug-In car.
power of the electric motor reduced to 59 kW, a reduced top speed of 84mph, but still with a 100 mile range. It was suggested that the Zoe ZE would be priced from $13,800 US.
A planned Renault battery plant near Paris that will supply batteries for the vehicle was delayed due to technical constraints. Construction was to start in the second quarter of 2012 and production of batteries were expected to be delayed. Instead, Renault had
to buy batteries from a joint venture between Nissan Motor and NEC, and from LG Chem of South Korea.
The Zoe eSport Concept weighed 3,219lbs and has 340 kW in two motors.
The production version of the Zoe was announced at the Geneva Motor Show. Similar to the 2010 version and it was a five-door supermini at a little more than 13 feet long which is
a little longer than the Renault Clio. Retail customer deliveries began in limited number in France and Renault planned to increase availability during the first quarter of 2013. The first Zoe was delivered to Arnaud Montebourg,
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