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of the brand’s models would be electric by 2030 and then left open the possibility that the lineup would go entirely electric by that time. He also confirmed that Cadillac would produce a large Escalade kind of electric SUV, which it expects to begin manufacturing in late 2023.
Last year, Ford unveiled the Mustang Mach-E, an electric crossover that gets its name from the company’s iconic sports car. But that wasn’t
the only Electric Vehicle for which Ford had plans. In 2018, Ford said an increased investment in Electric Vehicle initiatives would result in a 2022 model lineup that includes 40 electric and or electrified vehicles.
In 2019, Ford Europe said it will offer an electrified option for all of its future nameplates. The Blue
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to be able to drive long distances without concern about having to recharge
Oval also showed off a lineup of hybrids and Electric Vehicle.
Honda revealed its Honda E city car in 2019, and also said every model it sells in Europe will be at least partially electrified by 2022. A big jump from Honda’s earlier projections of a full lineup of electrified cars by 2025. The fully electric Honda E and hybrid Jazz, known as the Fit to US consumers, will jumpstart the initiative.
Nissan launched the Leaf Plus with a longer range last year, and plans to introduce eight new electric cars by 2022.
The Daimler parent company to Mercedes-Benz, unveiled plans to put more than $11 billion into developing its EQ series of Electric Vehicles, with the aim of introducing more than 10 Electric Vehicles by 2022. Last year, Daimler confirmed that an All-Electric G-Wagen is in the works.
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