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                                                      Welcome to ElectriCar Magazine’s 2020 PREMIERE ISSUE . . .
All-Electrics and Electric-Hybrids no longer just
come in Sedan or Hatchback form.
Today you can find All-Electric or Electric-Hybrid versions of just about any vehicle type imaginable.
 Many years ago I was on a business trip to San Jose, California; I happened upon an automobile that seemed to sound different than other cars on the road. It was a warm summer day and I just happened to have the car windows down. I pulled along side the car as we eased up to the next stop light and asked the driver what he had under the hood. His reply was . . . “It’s Electric”. “What?” I responded. I’m sure he had seen the same reaction as he wasn’t surprised.
I became very curious about that car and began my investigation into the world of Electric Powered Vehicles. The year was 1978, I found that the area had a large number of engineers that were joining together after their day of working in what we know today as the Silicon Valley. There were many stories like this that came out of this era. I have a few of my own “Woulda, Coulda Shoulda’s”, but I’m discussing the emergence of Electric Vehicles.
My professional background had been in printing and publishing for many years so this trip to San Jose was about publishing a magazine. I began considering the possibility of publishing a magazine for Electric Automobiles. Here we
are forty-two years later and I find that the industry has grown to such a crescendo that there is now plenty of consumer information that should be published about Electric Vehicles. We are approaching one hundred variations of Electrics and Hybrids and today it is growing exponentially so here it is.
It is my pleasure to welcome you to this new publication that is written as A Twenty-First Century Magazine About Electric Automobiles. This is the Premiere Issue and also a Buyers Guide. It is written specifically for those of you who may be looking for the All-Electric or Electric Hybrid automobile that will work well for your driving habits.
This publication will cover the basics necessary to help make decisions while purchasing the right automobile. The magazine is separated into three sections; Up Front: All-Electric automobiles as well as articles of various automotive interest, Features: Highlighting some of the top All-Electric and Electric Hybrid automobiles available and those automobiles that will be coming available in the foreseeable future and finally, the back section of the magazine is a Department: That covers an alphabetical manufacturers listing of other All-Electrics and Electric Hybrids that are available now as well as some of the upcoming automobiles of the future.
General Motors dabbled in it in 1996 with the EV1 and got some of us excited that they were beginning to move in this direction. Other automobile manufacturers began to take one model and adapt it to either an All-Electric or Electric-Hybrid.
There have been monumental improvements in light-weight high-density LithiumIon batteries so the Electric Vehicle is more practical. Now the automobile industry has become serious about moving toward Electric and they are offering some of their current models as Hybrids and some are working on transforming a model to All-Electric.
Thank you for joining us at ElectriCar Magazine, please enjoy this quarterly issue. We will be bringing you the latest information about the development of All-Electric and Electric-Hybrid Automobiles as the industry progresses.
Roger G Henry
ElectriCar Magazine
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